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Parent Training

Online training program for parents of children with ASD & IDD

About This Service

Empowering Families _____________________________ We believe that the right knowledge and skills can equip every parent to support their child's unique needs. Through our 6-8 week training programme, we teach parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD) how to: - Establish routines and visual supports at home - Support social, language, and cognitive skills in their child - Facilitate play skills in their child and their siblings - Understand and approach challenging behaviours The programme is conducted online and is tailored for Hindi, Marathi, and English-speaking groups. Over the past year, we have worked with over a hundred parents; we welcome partnerships with organizations that can help us reach families all over India. _______________________________ “What I found most important is how to use positive words instead of negative. Mostly what we tend to do, we keep saying to our children, ‘don't do this or that’. Rather, how can we modulate our instruction in order to make it positive? Shivani Didi taught this very well, I liked it.”

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