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Financial planning seminars for parents & adult siblings

About This Service

Fostering Prosperity _________________________ We believe that being financially literate is critical for parents and adult siblings to be able to support children with disabilities. Intervention strategies involving counsellors, therapists, or schooling, can account for additional expenses in the child’s life and so managing finances strategically is necessary to avoid times of stress. Samruddhi, launched in association with SNIC Rehab Foundation, is our monthly webinar series on financial planning. Conducted by Rahul Kelapure, Assistant Legal Advisor at SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), the sessions provide practical tools and information to help families safeguard both the present and the future of their children. The seminars offer an in-depth understanding of mutual funds, insurance policies and schemes, guardianship, and more. Sessions are conducted online once a month and registration is free. For more information, write to us at

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