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With the right opportunities and with the removal of systemic barriers, each and every individual can soarthis unwavering belief guides our work every day.

In Sanskrit, 'saamarthya' is strength, ability, and potential; our fiery bird represents this potential being realised, these abilities taking flight.

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Seven years of steady flight have given rise to many tales;

click on each of our red birds to uncover the details. 

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The idea hatched that momentous day,

that an inclusive future Shivani envisioned.

We soon registered in the USA,

a non-profit with a big mission.


Our work began with assessing needs,

to learn where there was a difference to be made;

our findings led us to establish

how and to whom we would lend support and aid.


Children of all abilities were,

who we wanted stories featuring;

and so we began Naini Inclusive-

our diverse publishing wing.


Soon after (in Hyderabad and in Delhi)

two Naini books were enthusiastically released.

And then with the story 'Books are Magical',

our literary collection further increased.


Furthering our hope of a world accessible and just,

our signature multilingual parent training began.

In India we finally registered as a trust,

propelling our other long-term plans.


With passionate ambassadors around the world,

our Saamarthya community continued to thrive.

Word spread about our quest to help wings unfurl:

Online sessions had dozens of parents arrive.


And now in our cap there's many a feather,

With new initiatives: Ananda, LEND, and A-maze.

This is what keeps our flock flying together:

unleashing potential in innovative ways.

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