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Visibility through digital storytelling

The Saamarthya Voice Project is an effort to improve disability representation in India by creating a digital space for people with disabilities to share their own stories. The journey of every such individual is different; we hope that these diverse accounts not only reveal the wide range of barriers experienced by PwDs in India today but also demonstrate how resilience and family support have led to noteworthy successes.

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Sign language is not only often used by people with hearing impairments, but also by some people with autism or ADHD. SignUp, an app started by a 17-year-old, provides American Sign Language interpretation to films so young children can enjoy these movies.

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Say hello to Akash R, who talks about his life as a working professional and a loving, independent member of his family. Diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome at birth, Akash has made a comfortable life for himself by working in the administrative department of a social services organisation. His story demonstrates how strong family support can make inclusion a reality for adults with developmental disabilities. Watch to get to know this passionate singer who loves listening to devotional music!

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