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Publishing & storytelling initiatives for children

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Braille is a system of raised dots that enable persons who are blind or have low vision to read and write. Persons with visual impairments read braille through touch. Braille can either be read on embossed paper or through refreshable braille displays that connect to computers.

We believe that exposure to diverse stories inculcates empathy and open-mindedness in children. With this in mind we began Naini Inclusive Books, Saamarthya’s publishing initiative, to bring out stories featuring characters with disabilities.


All our titles are available on our online store; we hope to launch them in Braille as well. We also offer read-along sessions with Shwetal Pandit, the author of our books. Families can join storytelling sessions that are a part of regular programming at Club Ananda. Schools and organizations interested in storytelling for their students can book a session by writing to us.

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We believe that the young minds around us should have access to culturally sensitive stories available in multiple regional Indian languages.

Spreads from the Books

In the past one year, over 600 children have spent fun-filled afternoons with Bilal, Komal, Monty and other characters. 

Storytelling Sessions on Zoom

Young readers discuss their take aways from the books

"If all our friends are the same, we can't play new games...
we won't have new ideas to share."

- Adya, talking about what she learnt from the story

A message for our inaugural book launch from the Honorable Union Minister of Human Resource Development,

Mr. Prakash Javadekar


December 2017, Oxford Bookstore,

New Delhi, India

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Get the books from our
online store or sign up
for a storytelling session!

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