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You can play an instrumental role in making this world more inclusive! With your generosity and support, we aim to empower families of children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. Our programs transform the lives of children with disabilities who live in cities that lack infrastructure and resources. Your support will ensure that we continue to provide safe, inclusive learning spaces that can help children develop their cognitive and social-emotional skills. Your contribution (of any amount) will go directly to expanding direct intervention services to children and our parent coaching & training. 

ASMI 1:1 Intervention Services

We provide high-quality, virtual intervention services to children, ensuring success in reaching their developmental potential. These services are offered at low to no cost to families ensuring accessibility o care and services.


At the Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples, Italy, tourists enjoy a beautiful view of the city and nearby bay. Artist Paulo Puddu installed a railing there that is etched in Braille; it describes the view for visitors with visual impairments. Inclusive design such as this makes more experiences accessible for persons with disabilities. 

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