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Hearing Impairment

It is a condition wherein a person cannot hear sounds either partially or completely. This disorder arises due to the inability of the sound waves to transform into impulses, which can be processed by the brain further to comprehend the sound. The complications in hearing arise due to damage to one or multiple parts of the outer, middle or inner ear.

How is it detected?

Audiometry is a popular measure to analyse the hearing of new-borns as well as other individuals. Once can monitor their hearing sensitivity over time and track it for medical purposes. Another popular test is the Tuning fork test, which can also help detect the location of damage inside the ear.

How can it be treated?

The treatment for hearing impairment varies according to the severity of the damage.

There are 4 standard levels of deafness –

  1. Mild

  2. Moderate

  3. Severe

  4. Profound

The solutions can be - removing ear-wax blockage, using hearing aids and performing surgical procedures like cochlear implants. One should visit an audiologist for further assistance on hearing concerns.

Preventions and Precautions –

  1. Refrain from loud volumes while listening to music.

  2. Avoid loud sounds.

  3. Test your hearing regularly.

  4. Avoid delay in seeking medical support for uneasy hearing.


Explaining hearing impairments to children

Giving children accurate information is necessary to clear misconceptions and help them treat others with kindness and respect. This is a simplified summary that can be used with children.

Hearing impairment is the inability of a child to hear sounds adequately. Children who are deaf or have hearing loss may be born with it or develop it later. Sometimes people lose their hearing as they grow older, like a grandparent. There is a special language that some deaf people use to communicate. It’s called sign language, where they use their hands to communicate with others. Some deaf children wear a hearing aid to hear better. Children who are deaf can learn and do everything with some support from teachers and parents.

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