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Locomotor Disability

Any kind of disability which hinders a person’s movements can be termed as a locomotor disability. One can experience a difficulty in walking and picking or gripping things in one’s hand under this disability.


The following conditions are few of the common causes of locomotor disability:

  • Amputation – removal of a part or the whole of a limb

  • Neurological Disorders – affect the nerves connected to these limbs.

  • Paralysis – inability of the muscles of a body part to function.

  • Dislocation – temporary or permanent immobilisation of the joint.

  • Osteoarthritis – wearing down of the cartilage which causes pain in joints.

  • Cerebral Palsy – affects the posture maintaining and balancing ability of a person.

  • Muscular dystrophy – a genetic condition which leads to weakening of muscles over time.

How is it detected?

The symptoms leading to locomotor disability are quite evident and hence can be dealt with without delay. Pain, frequent spasms and the difficulty in movement constitute of some symptoms that can ensure early detection of this condition. A visible deformity is also a call for immediate action to prevent worsening of the condition.

How can it be treated?

The treatments encompass disability treatment, rehabilitation or therapy. The help of aids like wheelchairs, crutches and tricycles can be taken in case of a difficulty in walking. Options like performing a surgery or placing a prosthetic limb can also be explored.

Preventions and Precautions –

  1. Take special care while playing sports and avoid putting excess strain on limbs.

  2. Do not delay treatment in case of a visible distortion in the muscles.

  3. If you are involved in a risky profession, always wear the safety equipment and follow the safety guidelines.

  4. In case of an accident, do not handle any dislocated limbs on your own. Always wait for professional medical help.


Explaining physical disabilities to children

Giving children accurate information is necessary to clear misconceptions and help them treat others with kindness and respect. This is a simplified summary that can be used with children.

Some children are born with a condition that affects their ability to move, walk, sit, or run. This condition is called cerebral palsy. And sometimes an illness or an accident can cause a person to lose the ability to use their legs. They may use a wheelchair to move around. Children who use a wheelchair or have cerebral palsy can think, learn, communicate, and study just like you. They only need help in moving from place to place.

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