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Every child with a disability deserves a childhood full of joy, learning, and belonging. Our mission is to foster inclusivity, resilience, and empowerment for children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities in India.

Children playing in a circle. One child is on a wheelchair and other are holding his hand and playing.

Persons with disabilities (PwDs) —around 15% of the global population*—are more likely to face socioeconomic disadvantages.

We believe that challenging negative attitudes towards disabilities and equipping families with appropriate skills for best outcomes are key to changing this reality.

The image shows a. child sitting on a bench reading a book. There is a blind man holding a leash and walking a dog. There is a woman walking towards him.
An image of a red bird

For persons with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), noisy places can be overwhelming or even painful. While noise-cancelling headphones can help, quiet zones can make public spaces more welcoming for everyone.

For persons with visual impairments, navigation can often be a challenge. Tactile paving is a system of brightly coloured tiles with bumps and ridges. These can be felt by a cane or feet and indicate pedestrian crossings, hazards, stairs, etc in public spaces. 

Many persons with disabilities face unique challenges in their daily lives. A service animal is a dog who has been specially trained to assist a person with a disability such as a visual impairment. For example, service dogs can get help in an emergency, fetch items, and open and close doors.

Image of a red bird
Image of a red bird

Our three-fold approach supports individuals with disabilities,
their families, and professionals who work with them.


We share authentic stories and publish diverse children’s books to increase disability representation.


We develop and curate evidence-based resources that enable families to make more informed decisions.


We offer trainings for parents, educators, and other providers working with PwDs,
to build on existing knowledge and skills.

Image of a teacher in front of students in a classroom. The teacher is wearing a mask.



Empathy curriculum & training for educators 

Children in a classroom, smiling.



Therapeutic recreational club for children





Publishing and storytelling initiatives for children




An online program for parents of children with ASD & IDD

Image of a speaker with a physical disability. There is a sign language interpreter next to her. There are people sitting in front of her.

Through our training programmes, recreational workshops, and webinar series, we've reached
over 700 children and 150 parents across 15 cities in India.

A sign language interpreter is trained to facilitate communication between people who can hear and persons who have hearing impairments or can hear but are nonverbal. They use sign language, body language and facial expressions to ensure that everyone has equal access to information.

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